Letters to Anna #19 #reborn

The Eclipse of I!

Chapter I

Hi my dear one…I haven’t send you any letters for more than a year. So sorry for that! I wrote to you many times but didn’t had the courage to press send…I still have a tough time talking about myself.

Why today? Because the Eclipse happend and I feel insync with my inner self…guess the energy of it reached me…
Today I’m brave enough to set myself free of fears. The month that you’ve been traveling the world following your journey I got to travel too. I got myself on a crazy journey, the journey of “I”!

The most exciting journey ever because I walked on a path that show me how blessed I really am and I’m amazed.

This crazy journey started when my road with TD stoped at this crossroad and I decided to go on a different path than his. Though it’s easy to talk about it now I was lost, confused, hurting and questioned myself “Did I made a mistake or not?!”…I was looking back wondering if I should run after him…a lot of ???…but I haven’t run back though my road was full with sharp rocks I choose to walk on it towards the breath taking highway was feeling ahead…it made no sense to walk back and hurt my feet again just to reach something that I knew didn’t belong on my journey anymore…Don’t get me wrong It was one of the hardest decisions I had to make…I never imagine that I can love someone so much in the extent of sending them free when your happiness is not their happiness anymore. Well as always my instinct guided me to make the best decision and be in peace with it. I only hope that he is in peace with it too and will find his happiness.

Girl, I was expecting a crushed heart and slow recovery but I “received” a relieved one because she knows that what she “lost” was not what she need it anymore…ufff…I’m starting to talk about love I will talk for days…let me stop by saying that I don’t know what is in store for this ❤️ but I know that she is open to FEEL, she BREATHES…if that makes any sense for you!

Well…that’s all on this chapter…the next one is a crazy one about Miami…but I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow!


Love always!


#happyfeet #👣👣👣