Letters to Anna #20 #reborn

The eclipse of I!

Chapter II

Hi my dear one…I promised to tell you about the crazy time I had in Miami.

So…after Chapter 1 ended I needed to heal and I run away to Miami…I wanted to change the memories previously made “about” that city and felt the need to have a “home” friend around.

Vla was my rock once again and said “Don’t worry come here girlie and we will heal you out! Plenty of 🌞 for your happy feet!”

The second I landed I felt that the sun welcomed me. I was so happy to be there and breathe a little better.

Little did I knew that Chapter 1 would come back to haunt me again and get me to relive the crossroads decision over and over again. But by this time I was at peace with it. I knew that he’s doing the best he could and couldn’t blame him for it. He was clueless of what he was creating for me and at this point I had no more expectations from that story anymore.

Sasha was a breeze in the summertime heat! I felt like coming home after a stormy trip with stories to share. He knew what I needed and put me to work, everyday was a new thing that I had to complete…I was competing with myself…flying board was the hardest and most fun…next time I’ll be better.

I knew that I’d be ok when I realized that I was sleeping without waking up through the night anymore!

Miami gave me a new/old friend too…Saad was super happy to see me again and gave me the chance to have a new amazing story about/with his beautiful place and people.

The only concern that I had was my health situation…what or which state I’m in after all the changes I put my body and my soul through the last 2 and something years. Now more than ever I wished to be healthy so much so that I started to laugh with God again.

Love his sense of humor…

First giggle was the night before my last day, a storm came and made me change flights back to NYC…all good till this point right?…

but…God got super funny…:)))

Next day before my flight I decided to walk on Wynwood Art District of Miami to see the galleries and the amazing open-air street art…it was supposed to be the best ending of my trip…but…


Imagine this one…

12:30 in the afternoon, 3 hours before my flight, middle of Wynwood walking around and taking pictures…tons of ppl around…hot like hell…:)

My phone rings for text messages it was my new friend Sue she told me to let her know when I’m in Miami next. Unfortunately, she was not in the area and we catching up with the latest in our lives but at one point she’s asking me a more personal question, I tell her that I’m not hiding anything. I’m just sick and choose not to be a talker about it. Sue text me more but before I had the chance to reply my ears catch the sound of running footsteps. I look to see where the runner came from…My eyes met the runner’s eyes and understand that he has no interest to pass me by but all the intent to “run” me by. The only thing that he could possibly wish from me was the phone…instinctively I “grabbed” it tighter but the second “push” makes me loose it…In my craziness I run after the “gentleman” but he jumped in a car and…well

How in God’s name would I get myself in the airplane? What was in my head to keep the card and ID inside the phone case? How smart of me?!

My only concern was how to get through security at the airport? I had cash in my bag but no form of ID….bummer right?!..

God is laughing…

A police car appeared in my way…I wave and they stop…

Police officer: “What happened?”

l:”I got mugged and I need something to get me through airport security!”

After the “normal” when? where? how? the conclusion was…

PO:”Not much we can do at this point but we gonna make a report and look for the guy!”

Oooo…I forgot to mention that at this point every person who was on the street before that moment had evaporated…like in a bad movie… I was the only one on that street…I wonder where everyone disappeared to?!

One of the policemen had an IPad so I asked permission to login to my account to see where’s my phone. You know this century is stupid to steal an iPhone…it can be located…lol

I noticed that my hands were shaking and could not remember my password. Luckily Emil my roommate has access on my phone to see where I am in case something happens to me…and I do remember my Facebook password.

He’s not impressed: “only you girl”! Btw I totally love my roommate! Emil sent me the location of the phone and the policemen took action, by this time 4 more police cars came at the scene and one with detectives. After 30 min of location tracking, they arrested the “running” man and the driver.

Who steals an iPhone this days???…what a waste!

I noticed that my blouse had ragged so I changed right there on the street. I had to look “normal” at the airport. 😂😂😂

Police drove me to identify my “runner”…will not forget that face ever…I can paint his portrait!

but…there is always a but…I can’t get my phone and the card back because is police evidence and needs to be processed, no trace of my ID.

I feel like I wasted time for nothing still didn’t fix my ID situation and now I’m running out of time …need to get to the airport, fast!

God is still laughing…

The policemen decided to give me a ride to the airport and make sure I caught my flight. I got to drive with the lights on and all the fuss…it was the best thing ever!

I smile back at God!

At the airport, I realized that I had my Romanian driver license and my NYC press pass in my bag…that “testify” for my identification and made check in fast, smooth and somewhat fun.

Did I tell you that God was laughing?!

At this point, I was laughing too…Through the carousel of feelings, on my last day in Miami, I got to be a “detective” and catch my bad guy. I feel sorry for him now, he was on parole for attempted murder.

Who knows…everything happens for a reason, and it was best that this happened to me and not someone else…maybe!?

Well I got to NY through stormy weather that I didn’t quite give a sh..t about and found myself standing outside of La Guardia with no easy way to get home. In my excitement, I forgot to tell Emil about changing flights for him to pick me up…so…no card=no Uber…Smaaaart girl!

I literally looked up and started to laugh thinking of God’s joke…he is good! He is laughing harder tho…cause…

A young man stops, I knew his face he helped me find a spot for my bag inside the plane, he can’t reach his Uber cause is showing him to go to a pickup place and asks me for help. I explain the way and he is asking me if I am going in the same direction?

Smart me: “I wish! I got mugged in Miami so I’m looking to steal a cab if someone gets dropped!”

Young men: “Where do you live, I’m going to Chelsea. I can putt you on my Uber, drop you first, you pay me cash and tell me all about being mugged in my city!”

Smart me, thinking of God’s jokes:”Deal!”

So…that’s how I got home…having fun and making a new friend!

Thank you again, Matt!

That’s the end of this chapter, which leads to the best one yet…ending up in New Orleans and meeting my Angel!

all of that tomorrow!

ps: Emil:”What the f.. girl, only YOU! How did you get home from the airport?”

Smart me:”God send me a car. Don’t worry I paid for it cash!”

well…only me girl, only me!

#happyfeet #👣👣👣

Letters to Anna #19 #reborn

The Eclipse of I!

Chapter I

Hi my dear one…I haven’t send you any letters for more than a year. So sorry for that! I wrote to you many times but didn’t had the courage to press send…I still have a tough time talking about myself.

Why today? Because the Eclipse happend and I feel insync with my inner self…guess the energy of it reached me…
Today I’m brave enough to set myself free of fears. The month that you’ve been traveling the world following your journey I got to travel too. I got myself on a crazy journey, the journey of “I”!

The most exciting journey ever because I walked on a path that show me how blessed I really am and I’m amazed.

This crazy journey started when my road with TD stoped at this crossroad and I decided to go on a different path than his. Though it’s easy to talk about it now I was lost, confused, hurting and questioned myself “Did I made a mistake or not?!”…I was looking back wondering if I should run after him…a lot of ???…but I haven’t run back though my road was full with sharp rocks I choose to walk on it towards the breath taking highway was feeling ahead…it made no sense to walk back and hurt my feet again just to reach something that I knew didn’t belong on my journey anymore…Don’t get me wrong It was one of the hardest decisions I had to make…I never imagine that I can love someone so much in the extent of sending them free when your happiness is not their happiness anymore. Well as always my instinct guided me to make the best decision and be in peace with it. I only hope that he is in peace with it too and will find his happiness.

Girl, I was expecting a crushed heart and slow recovery but I “received” a relieved one because she knows that what she “lost” was not what she need it anymore…ufff…I’m starting to talk about love I will talk for days…let me stop by saying that I don’t know what is in store for this ❤️ but I know that she is open to FEEL, she BREATHES…if that makes any sense for you!

Well…that’s all on this chapter…the next one is a crazy one about Miami…but I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow!


Love always!


#happyfeet #👣👣👣