Letters to Anna #14

imageDinner in NY! Are you crazy?

Remember my friend Matt?
Yup, he took me out for dinner. The funny thing is he didn’t know where to go.
I started laughing…it’s NY! Who cares where? We are in the most “wanted” city in the world and we struggle with where to have dinner? God! Sometimes I feel like ppl are blind. They’ve been lucky enough to be in this city and now they think it’s all given to them!

This city has everything indeed! You just need to decide what/were/when and go for it. Any corner of the streets has something different to offer, it’s crazy how this works.
That’s one of the beauties of NY, you have the entire world in one place. You can go and experience any “country” you feel like.
I’m crazy bout Thai, Mexican and Indian food!

But what I’m crazier bout is this city’s heart, his restless breath, his fast pace, his fire nights!


This is a good life! But you have to work for it!

Coffee, bagels, fast forward time, lights, ppl, friends, creeps, hugs, burgers, music, love storys, broken hearts…cheesecake!


Tell me what is to complain about?!

I’m happy like a fool!!!

This city is my life….for now! 😋❤️😇

#happyfeet 👣👻👣