Letters for Anna #8

imageHello Clarice!”

Today I’m gonna tell you about Clarice!

She is beautiful, hearted, genuine, gorgeous… in one word she’s Perfect!
I’m thinking bout the fact that nothing in life is just happening! I met Clarice for a reason, she is the definition of good, she makes my life better!
Her story is powerful…I’m not gonna tell the story of her life because it is not mine to tell…but she had no easy life! That’s why it is so fucking awesome!

One day I was “lost” in my thoughts and she told me the story of shoelaces!

You know the story!

I’ve never seen her sad, she’s smiling and singing all the time! The only time I’ve seen a trace of sadness was when I asked bout Anthony. I had no idea he left! But that’s another story to tell.

I’m in love with Clarice, with her strength, with her passion, smile, voice….everything!
And she winks…so European, right?!

But last night it was her birthday and we went dancing.

Is a saying that you can tell a lot about the way people are, if you observe them dancing.
Clarice? O God, Clarice looooveees to dance!
She’s flowing through music!

We are so lucky to have her in our lives, to have our one duchess!
Yes, she’s a duchess for me!image

So….:”Remember the time when we went to Fat Baby and realized that the baby wasn’t fat?!”

Happy birthday Caroline!image