Letters to Anna #6


I sleep!

Hello my dear!

Surprise, surprise!

I had a full night of sleep, finally 6 hours! The secret? Dunno, I meditate! I took Steve advice. Remember Steve?!

I feel my brain smiling!😋😋😋
It’s rested and sees lots of things clearly, it’s so funny how a good night sleep can fix your imaginary problems.


I’m happy to have this day! It’s a beautiful day too, the sun is up!

I hope to change someone’s day today.
I hope I’ll say I took all that this day had to give me! I used every second of it!
By the way, you know the game we play in the sub? I win!
“I own every second, I live”

IMG_1145 #happyfeet

Letters to Anna #5


Question marks!..?????

My head is spinning from last night, didn’t want to stop!
I’m question everything, the way I work, eat, sleep, people that I see. I have a “?” for everything and everyone.
The constant “why?” Is here, bugging me, tormenting me, fucking with my brains.
The funny thing is that I’m mad whit myself…I’m so mad that my vain on the back of my head is about to explode!
Why do I do this? Because I love it!
Why do I pressure myself? Because I love it!
Why do I want to be the best? Because I love him!
Why do I want to fix this? Cos I love my freedom!
Let’s take the world by surprise girl!

Let’s find you “Australia”!