Letters to Anna #4


I’m a hugger!

People who know me will tell you I’m a hugger.
I hug everyone! If you work with me or you are my friend you know about the hug, you like it and accept it!
You know I give the best hugs in the office! 🤗🤗🤗
I can’t remember a time when I was not a hugger.
If I’ve known you for a while, but we’ve never met in person, then you’re going to get a hug the first time we meet in real life. If you’re a friend of a good friend, then you’re going to get a hug. If you’re a colleague, and we work closely together, then we’re going to hug, too.
I don’t care if you’re male or female; you’re getting a hug. Some people will “give” the hug a meaning that it’s not there! I don’t care!
If I see you on the street and I feel you need a hug, I’ll hug you!
If you make a contest of “who has the better hug?”, I’m gonna win it!

Yes, I’m a #hugger and I like it!🤗😘🤗

You know…I’m european too!



Letters to Anna #3

Today! O my God, what a day!

I love this day cos it was a learning day!
By the end the “mission” was : “Finding myself!”

I was looking for the girl who loved life…I didn’t find her anymore!

Someone dear talked to me about that girl, ” where is that girl who loved life?”

She took a break!

I’m bringing her back!




Letters to Anna #2


Me and God…

…use to laugh together!

My dear Anna, did I tell you about my “relationship” with God? No? Well… Like all relationships…It’s complicated!

For the last 8 and half months I was giving him the silence treatment!
I became “serious” because I believed I have the right to be. Stupid choice!

I didn’t want to listen his jokes anymore.

The last one wasn’t that great, I didn’t even smiled! Basically I was upset with him and his laughter, cos I didn’t get the joke!
But it’s not him to blame for my leak of humor! It’s me for not seeing the irony and how funny it was!
Today I remember the fun we have in the past and I realized I missed it.
I “called” him and asked to tell me a joke so I can see if I’m laughing again!
He told me I still have a “pending laugh” from the last one. And he reminded me the way he said it and wen.
This time it was hilarious, I laugh so hard that my ayes burst in to tears!
But now I have a joke too, better than his!

The joke is simple:”I don’t care who is winning the game anymore! I love playing it!”

Better said living it!!!!

He was laughing and asked me were is that coming from? I reviled that his last joke inspired me! For the first time since we started this “laughing game” he was impressed! Why do I think that? Because he “said” that now he has to look for a better one!
I’m sure it will take him a while! It’s tough to mach the last one, though he will mastermind something…I’m sure of that!

But now I will be ready to take it and laugh my ass of…like I always did!
So bring it on God! You gave me freedom and that’s power, power to choose the way I live this life!

My dear Anna…#happyfeet!
I’m ready to laugh with him again!

IMG_7810        I hope he is too!

Letters to Anna #1







Just smile!

Today was all about the smile! Just smile Dana, just smile!
I tried to keep it on my face, I think I did a good job, people were smiling back!
I listen to stories of people that I meet, stories of my friends, some I have the pleasure to work with. And I see myself happy!

The smile is genuine!
The new girl Bria, she is gorgeous, make my day today. Me and you, my dear Anna, had a blast! She was the reason for my smile, she’s special and I feel will be great in everything that she wants to do, with a little bit of help!

Yeeey…The night is here…love NY by night!…It’s like a fairytale, never get enough of it!

You know me…
Usually I’m crazy about going out with friends from work, day by day, I love it and I love them! I “feed” with their positive attitude, not today!
Today was different!

I know that if something is wrong with me they will say :”don’t worry, we’ll take it from here!” But I didn’t want “the help” tonight! That’s a first and I wanna find out why?!
Maybe because You, Caroline, Hans and Brandon were missing “in action”. Or maybe don’t want them to read my pain?!
This time I don’t want to be read, for some reason I choose to sty hidden!
You, my dear Anna, are the only one I can fully trust with my struggles and sometimes my pain.

Why at the end of the day I’m not happy with myself? Why???

Let’s see….???!!!!

I love what I do!
I’m lucky to have special people around me!
I’m on the road of making my dreams come true! Super exited about that!
I’m lucky to wake up every day and experience life! That’s a treat!!!
I’m in the world’s most exciting city!
New fucking York!

What else do I need?
The other love?…Him? Maybe?!…hmmmm

No, don’t think so! I have it all!


Smile Dana, smile!